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Techshot CEO atending Kentucky BioAlliance Annual Meeting | 12.9.09

Mark S. Deuser, PE, president and CEO of technology development company Techshot, Inc., will be attending the annual meeting of the Kentucky BioAlliance in Louisville December 9.

For more than 20 years, Techshot engineers, scientists and technicians have been developing new medical devices , custom laboratory equipment (including Vestibular research systems ) and laboratory animal care and use equipment for a broad spectrum of customers.

The Kentucky BioAlliance was created as a gateway for increased collaboration and knowledge exchange among bioscience industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and institutions.

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Making speedbumps out of research roadblocks | 12.7.09

Truly pioneering research can take you down a circuitous path fraught with obstacles and dead ends. 

But sometimes the trail of scientific clues, which at first seems to have vanished, actually remains lying in wait, ready to be discovered or understood with research tools not found in any catalog.

For more than 20 years, Techshot has been providing medical lab equipment design and prototyping solutions to life science researchers.   With a scientific staff led by biophysicist Paul W. Todd, Ph.D., and teams of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, we understand what it takes to design and prototype custom medical laboratory research equipment and custom laboratory diagnostic equipment.

Techshot can help you make speed bumps out of research roadblocks. And if the point at which you overcome them also often is the point at which your most-protectable intellectual property may be created (and where it?s best competitive advantage lies), then what?s the value of a tool that does the exact job you need it to do and does it better than any other?

Contact us to discuss your need for medical equipment design solutions, laboratory diagnostic equipment design solutions and/or any other complex custom equipment need. Cost and schedule estimates are free.

Product Design for Manufacturing you Can Count on | 12.4.09

Product design for manufacturing is a complex area. With so many things that need to be tracked, you need to be sure that you contract a company with the knowledge and experience to do the job correctly. You can rest assured that we meet that exact criteria. Our crack team of experts can handle your product design for manufacturing from start to finish. We also can manage select individual portions of your project if needed.

Techshot has completed product design for manufacturing for a variety of clients ranging from military, to industrial, to commercial. We can handle a wide variety of areas including: integrated circuits, CNC machined parts, printed circuit boards, and many more. We cover all of the standard analysis checklists throughout the project, as well as our own 'in-house' checklists. This helps to ensure that the design for manufacturing process has no issues that can increase costs or lower the quality of the finished product.

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Initial media reports regarding our high pressure specimen chamber | 12.3.09

Local, regional and national news media outlets have begun to file reports about our High Pressure Specimen Chamber.

Techshot awarded $400,000 NOAA contract | 11.30.09

 Techshot awarded $400,000 NOAA contract

            GREENVILLE, Ind. (November 30, 2009) -- Techshot, Inc., has earned a $400,000 two-year contract from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to advance the company's system for retrieving animals from as deep as 2,000 meters (6,561 feet) under the sea and safely bringing them to surface laboratories for study. It is the second contract within a year awarded to Techshot for such work.

"For more than 20 years we've been developing custom laboratory equipment for Earth, air and space research," said Techshot Executive Vice President and COO John Vellinger. "This project represents our first significant step into providing research equipment for scientists studying marine life."

The physiology of deep sea fish and invertebrates is poorly known due to the difficult challenges of bringing up live specimens from high-pressure environments. Animals that thrive far below the surface cannot survive in the relatively low-pressures available in research laboratory enclosures. 

When completed, Techshot's high pressure specimen chamber is expected to be the only one of its kind capable of capturing and hosting creatures of the deep in conditions that sustain life and maximize research laboratory data gathering. Some of the first prototypes will be delivered to the Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory for evaluation. Established by NOAA and the University of Hawaii, its mission is to study deep water marine processes in the Pacific Ocean.

Meet Energy Goals with a Renewable Energy Development Program | 11.9.09

The volatility that is always present in the current energy markets is a driving factor in the pursuit of renewable energy development programs. Rising costs to transport goods, travel, and power infrastructure are increasing the demand for alternative sources of energy. With so many options available in solar, water, geothermal, wind, hydrogen on demand systems, and more, we have the resources to help you with your custom designs for a renewable energy development program.

Techshot is an industry leader in custom designs, engineering, development, and prototyping. You can be sure that we have the experience and the resources to turn your idea into reality. Your renewable energy development program, custom designed with our help, will put you on the cutting edge of alternative energy technologies.

Contact us to find out how we can help you on your path to achieving your renewable energy development goals.

Techshot exhibiting at 25th Annual ASGSB meeting | 11.4.09

Techshot Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John Vellinger; Chief Scientst Paul Todd, Ph.D.; and Vice President for Corporate Advancement Rich Boling all will be attending the 25th annual meeting of the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology (ASGSB), November 5 - 8 in Raleigh, N.C.

For more than 20 years, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been an important Techshot customer. We've designed, built and integrated research equipment for seven space shuttle missions, three sub-orbital rocket flights and several sorties of parabolic-flight aircraft.

ASGSB is one of the most important organizations serving the space research community. It provides a forum to foster research, education and professional development in the multidisciplinary fields of gravitational and space biology. ASGSB brings together a diverse group of scientists and engineers to encourage an exchange of ideas bridging basic and applied biological research. The members represent academia, government, and industry interests bonded by a common issue - how living organisms respond to gravity and the many related broad-reaching questions regarding biological presence in extraterrestrial environments.

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Techshot official attending Society for Neuroscience annual meeting | 10.16.09

Techshot VP for Corporate Advancement Rich Boling will be among the 30,000 attending the Society for Neuroscience's Annual Meeting in Chicago October 17 - 19.

If you'll be there too, call his cell: 502-741-5730. Or send him an e-mail: He'll buy you a cup of coffee and answer questions you may have about Techshot's custom laboratory equipment development solutions.

Techshot wins Purdue TAP services | 10.13.09

GREENVILLE, Ind. - Indiana technology development firm Techshot, Inc., has won 80 hours of business services valued at $10,000 from Purdue University's Technical Assistance Program in conjunction with the Indiana Companies to Watch initiative.

Led by Mark Deuser, Greenville, Ind.-based Techshot was selected from a random drawing of the top 50 companies at the Indiana Companies to Watch recognition dinner, which took place Aug. 27 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis.

"In the 20-year history of Techshot, we have expanded our customer base beyond government contracting," said Deuser, company president and chief executive officer. "We welcome this partnership with Purdue's Technical Assistance Program to help grow our business in the commercial and institutional sector."

Since its launch in 1988, Techshot has developed custom solutions on more than 200 projects -- from military and other government agencies and universities to large companies and startups based in basements and business incubators, Deuser (pronounced Doo-ser) said.

Techshot's clients include the U.S. Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Procter & Gamble and The Coca-Cola Co. are among its list of commercial customers.

"This Purdue program, offered in conjunction with the Indiana Companies to Watch initiative, provides Purdue another vehicle for TAP to advance its mission to support growing Indiana companies and foster economic development," said TAP director David McKinnis.

TAP supports performance improvements at Indiana companies and organizations through various programs and services that utilize faculty, students and staff in 11 statewide offices.

Anderson, Ind.-based Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of non-lethal defense technologies for use in combat and law enforcement, won the drawing at the inaugural Indiana Companies to Watch event in 2008.

This year's Indiana Companies to Watch class represents 17 Indiana counties and a variety of industries ranging from food manufacturers to software developers and medical device makers to financial services firms.

The 50 awardees, which were selected from a pool of more than 500 nominees, employ from six to 150 full-time equivalent workers each and generate revenue or working capital of $750,000 to $100 million annually. The 50 companies project combined revenues exceeding $671 million, creating more than 560 new jobs this year. Revenue projections are up $200 million from 2008.

A panel of judges convened by event organizers Purdue, the Indiana Economic Development Corp. and its Small Business Development Center Network, and the Edward Lowe Foundation selected the companies.

With major sponsorship from Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Indiana Companies to Watch is an initiative developed by the Cassopolis, Mich.-based Edward Lowe Foundation. The foundation hosts similar programs in Michigan, Arizona, Mississippi and Colorado. Indiana Companies to Watch also is sponsored in part by KeyBank, Premier Capital Corp., and Katz Sapper & Miller.

Writer:    Phillip Fiorini, 765-496-3133    

Sources: David McKinnis, 765-494-9189

Mark Deuser, 812-923-9591 

Rich Boling, 812-923-9591 x246

New Economy New Rules | 10.1.09

Techshot Vice President for Corporate Advancement Rich Boling will be a featured speaker at the October meeting of TechPoint's "New Economy New Rules" breakfast series.

Bringing breakthrough ideas to market creates new business opportunities, investment and jobs - the latest studies from Federal Reserve economists show that innovation (measured by patents-per-capita) is the strongest predictor of prosperity among states and regions.

At the company level, innovation can come from anywhere - not just R&D, but sales & marketing, IT, operations, finance or administration.  Come hear from leading experts on how to effectively encourage and harness the power of innovation in your organization.


Barnes & Thornburg LLP offices in Indianapolis, Elkhart, Fort Wayne and South Bend, also in cooperating facilities in Bloomington, Greencastle, Evansville, Hammond, Kokomo, Merrillville, Muncie, New Albany, Richmond, Switz City (Greene County), Terre Haute, Vincennes, West Lafayette, and sometimes available at Barnes & Thornburg LLP offices in Chicago, Grand Rapids, Washington DC, Atlanta (GA) and Minneapolis.


October 2, 2009 

8:00 a.m. Registration and continental breakfast (EDT)

8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Presentation - Adjournment will be on time

Download a copy of Rich's presentation: Ideation to Prototype Creation

Techshot sales increased nearly 90 percent in 2008 | 1.21.09

Techshot sales increased nearly 90 percent in 2008 GREENVILLE, Ind. (January 21, 2009) -- The total value of new contracts won by technology development company Techshot increased last year by nearly 90 percent over the previous year. Contracts with government customers accounted for approximately 80 percent of sales, with a record high 20 percent coming from a diverse roster of commercial companies.

"The federal government remained a good customer in 2008," said Techshot President and CEO Mark Deuser. "We won five new contracts, and several of our existing projects were selected for further development."

Deuser attributed the success with government customers to a change in strategic focus. "We won a higher percentage of contracts we went after because we pursued opportunities better aligned with core Techshot technologies such as power management, energy efficiency, motion control and laboratory automation."

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory selected Techshot for preliminary development work on advanced aircraft lighting and aeromedical transport systems. A prototype vehicle arresting system will be developed for the Army. And the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has hired the company to conduct preliminary development work on life science research equipment for the International Space Station and for deep ocean research, respectively.

Existing projects selected in 2008 for significant further development included an electronic bunker-buster bomb fuze for the Air Force Research Laboratory, a portable power system for the Marine Corps, an automated shipboard dishwashing system and a battery power harvesting device for the Navy, and automated laboratory equipment expected to be useful in diabetes treatment -- funded by the National Institutes of Health. The U.S. Army also funded further development of a rugged and energy efficient solidstate shelter lighting system.

Besides its success with government customers, Techshot also saw increased sales last year to commercial companies large and small. The total value of contracts earned with commercial customers increased approximately 400 percent in 2008, with 11 new companies hiring Techshot to develop new products and/or technologies.

"In the past, the high-profile nature of our government projects may have led some to believe that Techshot did not work with commercial customers," said Deuser. "But our exponential growth in the commercial sector indicates to us that we may have finally broken through with the message that Techshot is not just a NASA or military contractor. It simply is a provider of technology development solutions that are useful to nearly any industry."

Among the new customers were AlGalCo, which selected the company to create an automated system for producing hydrogen for use in powering a portable generator; GSYS Military Systems, LLC., which commissioned an advanced vehicle proximity warning system for semi-trucks; and Prosolia, which hired Techshot to assist with the development of new products that enhance the capabilities of mass spectrometers used in laboratories. Other new customers include Princeton University, InVizion Tech, New Paradigm Concepts, Aisin Drivetrain, American Plastic Molding, Technidyne Corporation, Wind Energy Corporation and Louisville Clean Energy.

In 2008 Techshot also earned significant repeat business from commercial customers such as Apollo Design Technology, ASAP Automation and Procter & Gamble.

"Seasoned executives recognize that the worldwide economic downturn presents a unique opportunity for their company to gain market share if they can have new products and improved processes ready to go when the economy begins its upturn," said Deuser. "And we're pleased to have a large and growing base of commercial customers that are eager to seize the moment to enhance their competitive advantage."

Founded in 1988, Techshot's 25 engineers, scientists and technicians specialize in providing integrated solutions to the technical needs of a diverse spectrum of industries.

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