Space Research solutions

Cell Research

3D BioFabrication Facility

ACT2 – Sample Transfer Tool
Transfers or stores fluid between or from experiment modules

ADvanced Space Experiment Processor (ADSEP)
High throughput processor of mini-laboratory experiment cassettes

Cell culturing cassette, featuring a rotating wall bioreactor

DynaMic research microscope for suborbital flights

Flow Cytometer
Automated counter for blood, other cell types

Fluid Processing Cassette (FPC)
Custom configurable bags, pumps, etc., for cell culturing

Mic-E professional research microscope for the International Space Station

Light Microscopy Module-Dynamic Stage (LMM-DS)
Microscope stage for observation of fluidics and suspensions

Multi-use Variable-gravity Platform (MVP)
Adherent cell culturing module
Suspended cell culturing module

Rodent Research

Advanced Rodent Habitat

Bone Densitometer

Rodent Centrifuge Facility

Colloids Research

Light Microscopy Module-Dynamic Stage

Colloids Specialty Cell

Avian Research

Avian Development Facility

Avian Hatchling Habitat

Plant Research


Multi-use Variable-gravity Platform (MVP)

Phytofuge Experiment module for seedlings in fractional gravity

Advanced Plant Habitat – Techshot Managed

Materials Research

MVP Cement Experiment Module

PFMI Furnace – Techshot Managed

SUBSA Furnace – Techshot Managed

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