ACT2 - Sample Transfer Tool

The Analytical Containment Transfer Tool (ACT2) is a disposable device that doubly-contains and transfers samples in a safe manner from unique experiment specific spaceflight hardware to on-orbit analytical tools for real-time analysis.

At the core of ACT2 is a commercially available syringe (1 ml, 3 ml or 5 ml) that is seated within a doubly-contained enclosure known as the Syringe Tube. This innovative design requires the syringe to mate and demate Dual End Shut Off (DESO) fittings, contained within the ACT2, Sealing Tube before allowing the transfer of fluid.

Protective End Cap

Detents X2

Syringe Plunger

Sealing Tube

Syringe Tube

End Cap Finger Loops

Syringe Plunger Lock