Multi-use Variable-gravity Platform

Facility (features 2 identical carousels)

Size: Single locker

Rotor diameter: 390 mm

0-2g fractional G-level control: Yes, 0.1 – 2G

Self-balancing to prevent micro-g loading of specimens as fluids or specimens shift or fluids are added or removed: Yes

Specimen mass measurement: Available as an upgrade

Air and water filtration: Available as an upgrade

Temperature control: 14C-40C

Humidity control: 50% – 85%

Gas composition: Monitoring and control in some modules

Data channels to each
experiment module: Power and high speed USB

Ground based control and data retrieval available: Yes

Specimen Holders

Levels of containment: 2

Total number of experiment modules: 12 (6 per carousel)

Controlled air convection in each specimen holder: Yes

Specimen video: Yes, digital video or still pictures, 12 video cameras (6 per carousel)

Specimen lighting: Yes, 12 independent systems (6 per carousel)