About Us

Techshot is a privately-held small business. John C. Vellinger is its Co-founder, President and CEO. The company was founded in 1988 and now includes a team of 50 – most of whom are engineers, scientists or technicians.

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Techshot’s 22,000 ft2 facility is located in Greenville, Indiana, approximately ten miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.

The building’s 6,000 ft2 lowest-level floor houses Techshot’s manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities. A 700 ft2 machine shop, 500 ft2electronics shop, and 1,300 ft2 assembly and test area include the equipment needed to fabricate, assemble, and test custom-designed and procured components and systems. The facility includes a 400 ft2 room providing cell science equipment and a biomedical research environment for BSL2-level cell research. The lower level also includes bonded, disaster-proof storage areas for ensuring the appropriate security of both raw materials and finished goods including space-flight rated hardware.  A wet laboratory is equipped for chemical and biochemical research.  The 9,500 ft2 ground floor and 6,000 ft2 second floor provide the offices, conference rooms and technical library needed to accommodate the requirements of our engineering and administrative staff.

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