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"Techshot employees understand that the most important duty of our organization is to meet the needs of our customer. We will ensure every customer requirement is clearly communicated throughout our entire organization, and provide a product that meets and exceeds these requirements. Every action that we do, as individuals in an organization, will add value to the product."
John C. Vellinger
President, CEO

Techshot has invented a process for manufacturing large human blood vessels using a patient’s own stem cells. Developed with $1.15 million in funding from two consecutive R&D contracts from the Pentagon’s Defense Health Program, the method produces vessels that are expected to initially benefit soldiers with severe injuries to their extremities. Soon after, they should be available to anyone who, through trauma or disease, needs replacement arteries and/or veins.

Making strong implantable vascular grafts suitable for stitching, and sustaining potentially high arterial blood pressures, begins with a process called electrospinning. An electric field is applied to a thin liquid stream of natural and synthetic polymers, which are similar to materials used for biodegradable sutures. Like a spider spinning a web, the stream instantly solidifies into a very fine filament while being woven around a rotating mandrel, creating a tubular scaffold.

After stem cells collected from the patient’s own fat are printed on the tube, the finished graft is ready to be implanted. Upon complete healing in six to nine months, the polymer tube will have been absorbed by the body, leaving a natural blood vessel.

Battery charging and power management

Pallet charger
Maintains optimum charge on bulk-stored military smart batteries

Marine Portable Power Unit
Ruggedized combo UPS system and smart battery charger

LED Lighting

Shelter Lighting System
Rugged, long lasting and energy efficient lighting for temporary military shelters

Solid State Flare
Infrared LED battlefield flare

High Speed Data Acquisition

On Board Recorder
Data recorder used in the development of precision guided munitions

Automated system reduces personnel needs, increases throughput

ASDS in operation

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ASDS operational animation

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Safe collection and transport of injured personnel and the essential life support equipment they need.

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