Marine Portable Power Unit

Techshot’s new Marine Portable Power Unit (MPPU) serves the modern soldier as a UPS, Battery Charger, Power Conditioner & Converter all in one unit dramatically reducing field equipment.

All electronics and controls are totally sealed from the environment – no filters to clean, operational in any environment. Continuously conditioning the power, and a UPS that is controlled only by hardware, ensures all attached equipment sees maximum protection.

A single switch and automatic configuration makes operation simple.
MPPU’s compact design is easily adapted to multiple needs such as a rack mounted system.

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  • 90-240 VAC, 40-440 Hz
    1 or 3 phase
  • 24 VDC

1000 Watt total (VAC + VDC)

  • 110 VAC – 1000 W max
    60 Hz “Pure Sine Wave”
  • 24 VDC – 400 W max
  • 12 VDC – 150 W max

80% Efficient at full load (AC to AC)

Only 24.5 x 17.1 x 9.0 in

Light Weight – Only 50 lbs

Continuous Operation -40 to 120 deg F

Interchangeable BB-2590/U Batteries

Auto Configuration & Power Switching

UPS, Charger, Conditioner & Converter

1300 Watt-hr Back up