On Board Recorder

In the development of precision guided munitions, information about the harsh environment inside the gun barrel during firing is of critical importance. The collection of accurate acceleration and pressure data, as well as other performance parameters (stress, temperature, etc.) is essential to ensuring the accuracy of these munitions when fielded.

Continued in-flight recording of data, such as set-back and set-forward acceleration, spin rate, and guidance, navigation and control data also is paramount to the development of cost-effective precision munitions.

To obtain information about the nature of these environments, a data acquisition system (an On-Board Recorder or OBR) is placed in an inert projectile and fired. Units are located after impact and connected to a computer to retrieve the recorded data.

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Techshot’s OBR-II is an electrically clean slate design that blends the best practices of the high shock electronics community with the company’s deep and broad experience in systems engineering, data acquisition, military standards-based product development, and engineered harsh shock and vibration solutions.

The OBR-II rectifies the old version’s shortcomings – including the ability to fit in 155 mm, 120 mm and 105 mm projectiles.

Other improvements, such as miniaturization and shock-hardening to 100,000 times the force of gravity make the Techshot OBR-II valuable to many other military branches
beyond the Army.

On-Board Recorder-II

This next generation on-board recorder (OBR-II) has highly advanced interface and control features, all of which are under software control. These features provide for improved simplicity in interfacing the precision munitions sensor suite, device functionality, data acquisition timing control, and data retrieval to virtually any PC via a USB port.

Besides these compelling improvements, Techshot’s OBR-II channel capacity, signal converter resolution, and recorder storage capacity are far in excess of any other high shock environment recorder.

  • High speed, high shock data acquisition system for 155 mm, 120 mm and 105 mm munitions
  • Up to 100,000 g survivability – more than twice that of older technology
  • Low power consumption
  • User-friendly
  • Configurable from 4 to 16 channels
  • Data easily downloads
  • Simultaneously captures a broad spectrum of data
    • Spin-Rate
    • GPS location
    • Attitude
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • In-Bore Acceleration and Balloting