Solid State Infrared Flare

The US Army and other services use a chemical flare to provide illumination compatible with night vision gear.

This flare uses an illuminant candle which is subject to variations in burn times and provides some output in the visible region. Falling burning flares also risk starting visible fires on the ground.

Recent advances by Techshot in solid state lighting offer the potential to replace the burning candle with a reliable Light Emitting Diode (LED) array.

Use of LEDs allows consistent output both in power and in duration (the devices are designed to self-destruct after a few minutes of use). The spectral content of the light can also be tailored to optimize the output in the wavelengths of interest to the user, while eliminating output in undesirable regions that are visible without specialized night vision equipment.

  • Drop-in replacement for every application of current chemical flare
  • Operates in a wide range of thermal environments
  • Operates in high chemical vapor environments
  • Consistent burn time and infrared output characteristics
  • Constant and correct color output frequency